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Post  Sophie W on Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:03 pm

The poem written below shows what may happen to a dream that has been left behind. This poem can easily relate to "A Raisin in the Sun". But one can ponder while comparing the two, what dream faces the Youngers that is so forgotten? In the end they get their new home, healthy family, and all is well. So what dream can be dried up like a raisin in the sun left to die, or left festering away until it explodes, stink like long-forgotten meat left in warm weather, and more, how can the dream be sweet? A forgotten dream is not considered sweet, but more wandering around alone, wanting recognition and understanding. But its in the title of the book! "A Raisin in the Sun". Can this possibly mean, that the forgotten dream, a raisin left out in the hot smoldering sun, can represent the family before the move? Before the money, before the liquor shop idea, before Mama saved the day and bought a house, a real home, for the Younger family. Possibly. The raisin in the sun can be Walter's will for a liquor store, to get away from his family, the evil growing inside of him as with every passing day it showed more on the outside. But during the play, Walter was acting more like a festering sore, about to explode at any given moment when his family would say the wrong thing. Mama and Ruth were only trying to help him, in times like when Mama trusted Walter with all the money, but instead he blew it all on the liquor store, and in the end result was robbed. His sister Bernetha did not at all help, however with her sudden hobby changes that also cost money, and living with them while not paying any sort of rent. The family does begin to “stink like rotten meat”, how they all were beginning to treat each other badly and had no tolerance for one another. How Ruth considered having an abortion and Walter was okay with it, how Mama began taking charge and Walter was incredibly ungrateful.

Sophie W

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Post  vgray on Thu Mar 07, 2013 5:57 pm

Reflecting on your experience today, and our readings/watchings from Trimester II, what does the poem below tell us? (500-1000 words)

by Langston Hughes

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore—
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over—
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

The raisin in the sun play has a lot of obvious connections to the poem it was named after. All of it has to do with dreams. To me, each character represents a different stage of dreaming.Travis hardly has hardly had time to grasp any concept of what he wants to do with himself. Beneatha on the other hand, is working to keep her dream alive and progressing. Her future is laid carefully out in front of her, and she just has to be sure to not mess any of it up. She's probably the one closest to her goal even without the money. Walter Jr.'s window for his dream is just closing in his eyes, he's just fighting to do something with himself before the opportunity slips through his fingers- even at the cost of others. Although it seems in the play he's being selfish by not depositing any money in the bank- he's dreaming enough for the whole family when he invests the money. I was a little disturbed to see more than a few people siding with Water Jr. in class; the way he seemed to think his dreams were more important than everybody around him- especially when he insulted colored women as a whole. Couldn't he see that's exactly what the white race in his country was doing to him? Over all Walter as a character seems self centered and impulsive. (on an unrelated note, those two adjectives would also be appropriate to describe the entire human race) Ruth on the other hand, seems to have thrown away anything she hoped of becoming around the time she's gotten married and had a child. (This reminds me of jane, and how her dreams of becoming something were muted by her countless children)
Ruth, even after the money comes in, backs up walter for a liquor store just because she wants to make him happy and please him. That's all she really wants, nothing for herself.
Mama's dream was thrown to the side such a long time ago. She wanted to get started in the city with her husband and move out of the small cramped apartment they lived in and move to a big house.
I imagined part of her dream was compromised when walter died, since she wanted to live in the house with him, but it would not have been possible without his death.
My Favorite part of the poem "Or fester like a sore—
And then run?"
Like a dream is something that can rot after being ignored for too long- and the space it leaves behind makes you collapse in on yourself.
dreams are really tricky things

(I did this last night but without even thinking about it I turned off my computer and went to bed without posting it?? but I just realized it actually saved it and im really happy sorry it's late)


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Post  tyang on Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:25 pm

The raisin in the sun is just like a dilemma when all the bad emotion bled the whole family, who are struggling in the depression. Every time, they got in trouble, they argued, they complained, but they wouldn't leave anyone behind. Because they were family. When the trouble happened, when everything was gone, the rest was the life they still need to face. But at least someone grew up, became able to face the profits properly, just like the raisin in the sun, like the rainbow after the tempest, it tastes sweet and no more pressure after being really hurt. You can not change anything after something happens, what you can do is to face your future positively and hopefully.The play we watched today shows the reality of the extreme depression, and the rebirth of the hope from their hearts. Nothing can stop your step to the future, and hope won't leave you behind.
Profits or something can never stop anyone’s step to go forward. They can make you lose control, they can mislead you.But they will never control the real feeling in the bottom of your heart. Unless your hearts are made from avarice. All your efforts will be paid one day, but the harvest not belonging to you will never get into your hands. You can see how happy Walter was when he got the money from his mum. And he did everything he wanted to bring the happiness to his family, dating, gifts. But he lost all his money as a result, because he never made any efforts to earn money, he tried to find a shortcut finally got the wrong way. Fortunately he had his mum, his family and his final relief of profits.
From the play, with a more sensitive way to understand it, I now know how to face the life in a postive way. Their performance showed how mad, excited, sorrowful they could be just like the real life when they dropped into trouble ,found another hopeful future and then fell down again. When someone sank into the swamp, it’s hard for him to get out by himself. But Walter had his family always behind him and was supported by them. No one in his family would leave anyone behind. Family can always be your firm supporter. Family are who you can rely on no matter which situation you are in, because you are a family and they are your family. Everything, trouble or happiness should be shared with family who are the people can understand you most. Although you think you did something guilty to your family like Walter, they will still stay with you, facing the future bravely.


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Post  Ryan F. on Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:55 pm

Reflecting on all the things the play today taught us, I realize that the poem has a lot more to offer than just mere words. It can relate with everyone in the audience, no matter what their race or beliefs, because we have all been through similar situations. When Walter and Ruth argue, it relates to all the married couples out there, and although no relationship is perfect, the find a way. When Elena gets her husbands life insurance money in the mail, it relates to all the families and individuals who have ever had any financial trouble. The poem also shows that dreams can change and shift. The Younger family all want different things with the insurance money that Leena got, but in time, their dreams shift into one dream, and that is to have a better life for themselves and their future generations. The same goes for Fences. Troy's son Cory dreamed of being a professional football player, but his father wouldn't let him. after getting kicked out, he went and joined the United States Marines. while he could not be a professional football player, he did his best, and thats what counts. I used to dream about being a pilot when I was a little kid, but now, I dream about being a professional computer programer. the difference being, I started to grow up, and being a pilot lost its interest for me. I realize I loved working with computers, and my dream changed. Another example is Beneatha's dream of being a doctor. after Walter drunkenly spent what was left of the insurance money, some of which was supposed to go to her schooling, she gave up on her dream, thinking there was no way to follow it through without the insurance money. Thankfully, her boyfriend Joseph Asagai asked her to marry him, and become a doctor in his homeland of Nigeria, Africa. this makes her dream possible again, and, after thinking about it for a bit, she says yes. This shows that even though her dream seemed hopeless in terms of the insurance money, she found another way to follow it. Unfortunately, not all dreams have a happy ending. Walter Lee's dream was to use his mothers insurance money to invest in a liquor store. However, his mother disagreed, and wouldn't let him use it at first. After falling into a deep depression, Leena used the leftover money from buying the house to give to him. She told him to put half in the bank for Beneatha's medical schooling, and use the other half for whatever he wanted. Sadly, he was drunk, and put all the money into nesting in the liquor store. Unfortunately, one of his friends ran off with all the money, crushing his dream. However, he got a new dream when he saw how happy his family was about the new house. This, in turn reveals that while not all dreams come true, it is possible to find a new dream. In Walters case, it was moving into the new house, and seeing his family happy. as the lay and the poem show, dreams can change, be lost, or be fulfilled, but the important thing, is to have one.

Ryan F.

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Post  Bpearson on Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:43 pm

I think that this was an amazing experience and I really appreciate Mr. Jester setting this up for us. Seeing this play really made me think a lot about the book and what it represents but mostly on how other people view the book. In the movie of a Raison in the Sun the actors were good but that didn't seem to match the book when I read it. I was so confused when I saw Asaguy smiling like he is hearing fantastic news when there is so much pain and anger going on. I feel like he wasn't understanding enough and really wasn't there for Beneatha. He was there to hear her out and make her feel better but in the movie it seemed like he was tormenting her. This is one of the reasons I liked the play much better. The guy who played Asaguy really brought the emotion of someone who is comforting. Instead of smiling he shows a caring a supportive attitude. Another thing I noticed is that the actors in the play were more dramatic showing a plethora of emotions. You felt like you were going through that same process as the characters were going through. It made me feel really sad when I heard what the actor said about people laughing at a really sad, important part. I really made me disappointed to be honest because I felt bad for him. It ruins the play for the actors and the people enjoying the show. I was so confused when people laughed I didn't exactly know what was going on. I really enjoyed this play and if we had another one that we could go to I would be very excited.


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Post  Kadin P on Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:25 pm

The performance we saw today brought a new light to the play A Raisin In The Sun. This version engaged me more than both the movie, which was released in 1961, and the play script which was written by Lorraine Hansberry in 1959. While being at the play I felt a different mode and atmosphere, as there were real actors right in front of me instead of people that I had to picture in my mind(Script), and an image on a screen from people 50 years ago(movie). While sitting in the auditorium I felt more emotions and the play seem more alive. The Play also provided a better understanding spatially of the set. This also made the play seem more real than both the book and movie.

The poem by Langston Hughes I believe provides a very interesting, new view on the title of the play and its meaning. First the name of the play is clearly, word for word in the poem. The poem I think is represented in the play with the dream being itself, a dream, but apart of that is money which was a dream for the family. "like a raisin in the sun" I think says that the money needs time to mature, and it can't be used right away, just like how a grape takes time to cook into a raisin. This represents Walter's view on the money subject, as he wants to invest it and in time make the money really worth itself. "Does it stink like rotten meat" shows a side of Mama's opinion about the money. She has come to see that it is tearing her family apart, as Walter and Beneatha constantly about where the money should go. Mama feels that like taking away the rotten meat to get rid of the stink she needs to use the money quickly. She just wishes to get rid of it by giving it to the church missions, Beneatha's schooling, or as a down payment for a house. "Or crust and sugar over like a syrupy sweet" I think shows Travis's view on the money. Since he has no control he feels that any thing that happens with the money would be good for him. "Maybe it just sags like a heavy load" some what shows Ruth's view on the matter. The arrival of the money has caused many problems including quarreling, and Walter getting drunk. These strains in the family have fallen onto Ruth as she attempts to keep the family together and not lose Walter. "Or fester like a sore and run" this quote effects the whole family. It represents that the money caused problems but was than all lost, when one of the partners is the liquor store took it all.

I came to really like the play more than the movie. It provided just a more real aspect of the story then the movie did, as you were more able to connect to all the situations. The moment where Walter is on his knees pleeing to the world, where he is ready to give up his soul almost, strikes you more and harder than the movie version. Overall the play was a better experience.

Kadin P

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Post  cward on Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:25 pm

This poem first finally explains the title to the play and that the raisin is the idea and the sun is the things around that idea either shooting it down or bringing it up. But I don't feel that any of the things listed in the poem ever happened to Walter’s dream I think it transformed and realized that money was not everything and instead started thinking about his families well being.
This to me represents an example as to what should come first in life and in addition to that one line that I think should always be followed goes like this and is said by mama and Bernetha.”And who ever taught you to stop loving him?!” “You and daddy taught me to disown a man who gets on his knees like that.”“Yes we taught that but we also taught you to always love him no matter how low he is and child you don't just love him when hes doing good you love him the most when hes at his lowest.” It shows great moral character in Mama she has humbleness and wiseness, while Bernetha is greedy, self centered and criticising of others. But she has both Mama and her boyfriend to keep her in line, he reminded her that she was relying on money that only existed because a man died. Letting her know that something that could have never been should not be all that matters.
I also really enjoyed the intensity of the play live compared to the book or movie. Just the little things like lighting, expressions and the way you are there, in the moment. Still the moment that sticks in my mind is when walter gets down on his knees and is begging for “the white man” to make him happy and for things to be back to the old ways. But on a personal note to the actors I truly felt sorry when they are in the act or a serious moment and a kid laughs, me personally would find it so rude having put so much time into one moment. I'm not sure why the author of this play ended it where she did, yes it leaves you to put the pieces together, white neighborhood, all the money gone and no real plan in place you realize their life is nowhere near better yet they seem to be the happiest people on earth. I just would have thought the author would end it after moving in and show more life lessons with the hard times they had yet to face. Although all three versions of this story were interesting the play live left you thinking the most and in my opinion had the best modifications to it like Mama taking the photo instead of the plant.


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Post  rachel D on Sun Mar 10, 2013 4:13 pm

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry is an engaging and extremely life like play, being able to have the closes thing to a first hand experience of the situation was very educational. The actors where amazing and I could see them living the play as it might have bin in real life. I not only enjoyed the play but I was able to connect real life situations with it and better understand the difficulties, the fights, the tension and the joy families of that time period experienced. The poem at the beginning of A Raisin in the Sun describes what may happen to a dream that is deferred or overdue. In A Raisin in the Sun each person has their own dream, and they all work hard to achieve their dream. Walter wants to be a rich businessman, and Beneatha wants to be a doctor, wile Mama and Ruth want to own a house. Throughout the book everyone struggles to get what he or she want, and sometimes even say it’s best for the family when it’s just what they want. For example, when Walter wants to start a licker store and he continually pressers his mother into giving him money. The poem illustrates what might happen to a dream that is past by, and the play contains examples of the poem in it. Like when Beneatha loses her money for becoming a doctor, but she gets proposed to and asked to move to Africa, or as the poem describes it “Or crust and sugar over like a syrupy sweet?” Plus when the poem sais “Maybe it just sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode?” I see it as describing Walters dream of having a liquor business. When Mama wouldn’t give him the money, he felt like he lost his dream but he hung on to it and it became a heavy load, then later when he lost the families money trying to accomplish his dream, it exploded. The one dream they achieved in the end, was the oldest one, the one of having your own home. I think the quote that best describes this dream is “Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?” because this is a dream that has exited for a long time, and weathered many years. It may have dried up at one time, but even dry creeks run when it rains. Overall I enjoyed the play, the book, the movie, and thinking about how the poem connects afterword’s. It was helpful to see all the different perspectives and to get the chance to talk with the actors and see how they felt.

rachel D

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Post  David B. on Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:32 pm

The poem Harlem strangely describes our class’s experience in the past couple months. Langston Hughes definitely achieved what I think was his goal. To briefly connect to many different topics, while all focusing on the topic of the struggle and the pursuit of dreams. Many lines in this story very briefly connect to other stories such as a Raisin in the Sun, and Betsey Brown. One of these lines are “ What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?” (Harlem, Hughes). Obviously that is a link to the story a Raisin in the Sun because it has the same name. Truthfully I do not know what a Raisin in the Sun means. A raisin is a dried up grape so if you stick it in the sun more it dries out even more. It sucks every little bit of life out of the grape so if you compare it to the play, it means that someone is basically losing their life. For me, the play is based all around Walter, and if Walter is happy everyone else is happy. Which also means that when he is mad and upset, the whole family basically collapses and fights with each other. So Walter is the raisin in the sun and his dreams are being deferred. But when his mom gives him the money his dreams are then reimbursed. However he then goes and throws it away. However he comes out of his shell and the raisin comes out from out of the sun when he tells the white guy that they are moving in no matter what. As for the other parts of the poem it is a lot vaguer. “Or does it just sag like a heavy load?” could mean practically anything. It could represent anything else in the story that is basically a load on your conscience. The first example that comes to mind is when Betsy in the story Betsy Brown gets the first nanny fired. She feels an extreme amount of guilt after she is fired and tries everything to try and get her rehired. She can’t however and feels a lot of guilt. She basically carries it around like a heavy load but in the end just lets it go. As for the “What happens to a dream deferred?” that affects all aspects of what we have read. Dealing with peoples emotions and dreams and fantasies. Everyone from Walter to Betsey deals with it. Betsey usually spends her time daydreaming up in a tree. In fact, the first nanny called Betsey out of the tree which is why Betsey got her fired. Walter dreams about, as mentioned before, his idea of owning a liquor store and becoming a wealthy and powerful entrepreneur. His dreams are almost reached, but then his business partner takes his money and runs away. Overall this poem written by Langston Hughes, is extremely vague and I think only slightly connects to the stories we have written.

David B.

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Post  Kenzie A on Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:57 pm

Today was very eye opening and interesting. I had a great time watching the play and finding ways i could relate to the act and actors. The actors in the play showed many emotions and signs of enjoyment and and sadness. They were so into it and all about the play i feel like they forgot everything else that was happening around them and in their lives. This is a very hard thing to do, but they accomplished it. The director picked very good and expressive people to play the roles of the people in the scenes. I experienced something i’ve never seen before or felt. I can’t relate to the play very well but some parts I imagined being in my life and felt like I was there. Some parts were so emotional and insane that the actors started to cry or laugh. I did the same. Being in their shoes is different but I felt like i had a connection with the actors and actresses playing these parts. When we talked to them after the play and got to create conversation and ask questions, I had a great time. The way they talked about the play and how they did things was a lot different than anything i’ve seen before. Their voices were all very different from the way they portrayed them in the play, they acted very different and not as into the scene as they were in the play. Thinking about their job and what they do for a living is weird. The relation between the actors in the play and the people that played the people are two different people, they show things in a different way and most of all act different. The poem you wrote down for us does not make much sense in my eyes. When i first read it i had no idea what it was or how i would explain it and relate it to things I have done before. Then i got to thinking about it. It talks about the play and parts in the play. The question above it says it all, “what happens to a dream deferred” Meaning when a dream is taken away from you, you can’t have it anymore and there is no way of achieving it, what do you do? and where does the dream go to? It gives many synonyms and reasons it goes and what happens to it. A dream is something magical. Something you can have in your mind for a very long time. Something that doesn't go away unless it is forced. Throughout trimester two we have read many books and articles all talking about many different things. Something that has stuck with me from everything we have read is discrimination and how people are pushed away and discriminated because of how they look or maybe even the way they think of certain things. This play had a lot of that in it. It never specifically said anything about it but to me it was one of the keys point of the acts and scenes.

Kenzie A

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