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Post  Veronic on Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:17 pm

Ok. So.

cough cough


how am i supposed to write with all these adorable little emotocons looking at me aw seriously look at the little babies there's even a cat one cat cat cat

Anyway, the discussion really brought some light into a part of the book I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to. It's obviously a really big part of the book, which personally evoked emotions in me, and I'm sure most others have felt something along the lines of isolation, loneliness, or just not really quite fitting in. Although I haven't had the exact hardship of Arnold, I'm impressed by the fact he just keeps going. I like how Mr.Jester read the little bit out loud where Roger insults Junior, and didn't censor himself. The strong language was used to convey strong emotions. I don't think it would have hit quite as hard if Mr.Jester had said anything differently. I also liked how Mr.J mentioned people reacted awkwardly to the words, like they couldn't even grasp the idea of being spoken to that way. I do not know what it's like to be spoken to or insulted specifically because of my race, but if somebody like Roger had said something similar to me, I can't imagine what my reaction would be. I like class discussions, because I like to see what other people's opinions and views are on things I've read. Plus sometimes just talking about something is much easier to get into then math or whatever else.
-veronica Gray

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Post  johnb on Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:01 pm

Our first discussion on Part Time Indian I think went very well. I am pretty sure everyone got in and shared their ideas, and a lot of the ideas were interesting. I thought the best part of the discussion was when we talked about how this book can relate to us, in school, with gossip and other things. Personally I found it hard to realate because since we are in such a small school you would not see as much bullying or fighting as in other big schools. The most powerful moment in the discussion was when we talked about Junior finally standing up for himself after Roger told him a horrible racist joke right to his face. I think there is a lot to talk about with that scene, but the big question that you asked was, if it was the right thing to do. Most people thought it was, and some people thought that he should have handled it a little differently, but I thought he did the right thing in that situation. We also talked about the scene where Junior had to tell his best friend Rowdy that he was moving schools. I felt like I could relate a little because two of my best friends last year told me they were leaving woods. I didn’t react the same way Rowdy did but it still sucked. So I understand why Rowdy got so mad, especially since Junior was going to a white school. Overall, I think the duscussion went very well, and im excited for the upcoming ones.


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Post  Calvin L on Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:47 pm

I think that our discussion was really good today; we covered a lot of things in the book about how Junior/Arnold handled the racism. Before the discussion I hadn't really paid that much attention to it and sort of disregarded it but after you read from that part of the book and we discussed it I realized that what Arnold was really getting hurt by the racism. I don't think that many people would have really thought too much about it but when Mr. Jester actually read the passage out loud, it sort of hit me how racist of a comment that was and why he got up and fought for himself. After the discussion I see that point where Arnold punches Roger as a major turning point in the book since he something to defend himself even though he was really scared, this works out for him though because he gains the respect of Roger and many of the other students.

It was very courageous that Mr. Jester actually went ahead and said those words in class, but saying them out loud really does give them more meaning then if had just read them on the paper so I'm glad he did that. Then the discussion we had that didn't really talk about the book but rather about how it feels to be offended to a point where you go straight to violence was also a good part. The discussion we had was the deepest and most insightful discussion I've ever had in any class so I look forward to having more like that this year.

-Calvin Lee

Also, sorry about turning this in late, I never check my email so I didn't realize until the sub told us about it today. I'll check my email more often now so I don't miss any work.

Calvin L

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Post  lia k on Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:06 pm

ok so um... I felt like the disscusion was actually very interesting because while Mr.J was reading i was thinking about what he was reading and in my head i was talking about it even though i id not share. but i felt like i didnt really have to since everybody that did share said pretty much exactly what i was thinking so its okay! What a Face so um i"m not really sure if i can get this to 200 words but um anyways I when we read the part where Rowdy started yelling at Arnold saying things like “White-lover” and “I hate you!" must have really hurt him because it hurts a lot when your best friend says things like that because you would think that they would at least try to understand. But it really upset Rowdy and it was hard on him. if my best friend told me she was leaving to go to another school i would be sad but i wouldn't hate them for it. But I guess for Rowdy its different because Arnold is his only friend. I like class discussions, because I like to see what other people's opinions are on things I've read in class. and when people voice my thoughts its kind of different because your hearing it from someone else so you get another view. Anyways it was a really interesting discussion and I enjoy having them! affraid bounce lol! okay sorry i'm done. pig Twisted Evil alien okay now i'm done.

Lia Klein rendeer rendeer

lia k

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Post  Jade O. on Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:37 pm

For starters I know this is a late post but I still wanted to add to the rest. I thought our discussion was very deep and intense. I think all of us did a great job of communicating and letting our thoughts come out not worrying how others would respond. Our discussion was very fluid as well. There were no "awkward" pauses or silences. Someone always had something to say. I do think that there were certain people who usually had something to add and other people who were just listeners and didn't say a word. I think the fish bowl worked very well because everyone had a chance to talk and we were all together. Just sitting in our seats and talking when we wanted to is the same thing but it felt like we didn't "connect" as well as a group like we did in fish bowl. I mean, everyone got a chance to add a comment but it wasn't like people were motivating them to join in.
I liked how Mr. Jester picked the topic and the quote for our discussion because it was a very well-picked quote and very deep. I think we would all have chosen a lot of different quotes but also a lot of the same quotes if the topic for the discussion had been our choice.
I don't believe any of us can relate to Arnold's feelings at that exact moment when Roger said that mean quote based on what was said in the discussion. I do believe, though, most of us would feel exactly like Arnold if someone made fun of our culture and was being extremely rude about it. I would definitely punch that person in the face! I don't think that any, or very few, of us have had the terrible background and childhood Arnold had so, already, we can't relate to him. But the way he grew up and what he is now I think some of us have something in common. But nothing as important as learning that your life is just going to head downward if you stay where you are. That you'll lose all hope and therefore lose your culture. Nothing that has happened to me can compare to that or any part of Arnold's life so far.

Jade O.

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Post  Ben S. on Tue Sep 25, 2012 12:48 am

The discussion we had was one of the strongest I have probably been a part of in my entire life. I really enjoyed some of the aspects you put in the discussion such as saying "here, here" when you agree with someone's point and saying "boo" when you believe someone is saying something incorrectly. It really helped me focus in on the discussion a lot more because was listening to other people's points and comparing them to my own. Starting off the discussion with that DTR in particular, being vulgar and offensive if said directly toward someone really laid the right groundwork for everyone to say their mind knowing that there would be no hate. For majority of the discussion I just sat back and listened to the class state their ideas on the book, DTR's and also their opinions on the story of the book. The discussion was a really great way of getting to know everyone better, their interpretations, ideas, and general understanding told me a lot about everyone and I think it was vital for us to do this to establish trust in one another so we can have more of them, and with even deeper meaning.

-Ben S.

Ben S.

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Post  Lydia M. on Tue Sep 25, 2012 11:24 am

I think Wednesday's discussion went well. I believe that a lot of people shared their opinions on the topic. When I think about the way Junior must of felt after Roger insulted him, I can't even begin to imagine Junior's true feelings. Being a middle class, white girl, there isn't anything even close to what Roger said to Junior, to make me upset enough to punch someone. People can insult my looks, or my behavior, and I could get angry; but I can't imagine someone insulting not only me, but also my heritage and the people I love. I think that since Woods is such a small school and such an isolated community, that the kids here don't have to deal with as many serious real life problems that kids that go to other schools (Such as Chapel Hill or Carrboro) do. There are pros and cons to that, for one, you have a much safer and smarter high school experience. A down side is you also might not know how to deal with serious situations that happen a lot, after high school. I think that Junior reacted to the situation to the best of his ability. Junior raised being taught to fight anyone that threatens him, and that's exactly what he did to Roger. If I was in Juniors situation I would have done the same thing.

-Lydia Middlesworth

Lydia M.

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Post  Matt C. on Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:15 pm

Our discussion on Wednesday was very enlightening. I learned how Arnold felt when Rodger called him a bunch of mean names. During the discussion I felt deeply moved by the way Rodger treated Arnold, and how Arnold reacted to all the mean name calling. If i was in that situation i probably would have done the same as Arnold. I believe Arnold reacted in the best way possible and that punched him square in the face. What surprised me was that after the incident Rodger respected Arnold and they became friends. This really strikes me as being a weird thing because when you punch someone they probably won't become your friend in the end, but this a good exception for Arnold because he needs to not be enimies with Rodger.

Matthew C.

Matt C.

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Post  Henry L. on Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:37 pm

Overall, I think that our discussion went well. For me it was very moving. I can't believe that someone could say such a racist thing to someone's face. I mean what was said in the book, not in the discussion. I was very surprised that some people in our discussion believed that stuff like that would ever happen at Woods. I don't know about anyone else, but no matter how much I hate someone would never insult their, or anyone else's, race. Moreover, if anyone did say something as hurtful as that at Woods, they would probably be punched by more than just one person. Getting back to the discussion, I felt that I didn't say enough, mainly because everything that I would have said had already been said many times. One part that really made this discussion stand out in my mind is Mr. Jester actually read the whole DTR rather than just skimming over what Roger said. I think that that made it much more powerful to everyone. I do not believe that any two people could ever become friends like Arnold and Roger did after such an awful thing was said. However, my perspective maybe skewed because I have always gone to a small school where everyone knows each other and such a comment would have to be personal rather than just because someone is new new and different than everyone else.

-Henry L.

Henry L.

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Post  Sean N. on Tue Sep 25, 2012 9:42 pm

The discussion on Wednesday, I as usual, liked to watch and listen instead of inputting my opinion. But when Mr. J read the scene when Roger insulted Junior, I actually felt uneasy about the way he read it. Maybe because he read it aloud, but when I read this scene (and the whole book in general, well besides the end when his family starts to die) I was reading at a fast pace, teenage high school, semi funny sense to it. I even smiled a little over the creativity of the insult. But after listening to it in a slow voice, it felt rude, and sounded like to cruelest thing to say. The next big thing was the portrait of Rowdy after Junior told him that he was going to the white high school* outside the rez. It really bothered me the way both parties (junior and Rowdy) handled the situation. Rowdy shouldn't have hit Junior, nor yelled at him, and Junior should have told Rowdy in a peaceful atmosphere (Powwow?) But focusing on the Image, the portrait of Rowdy looked like on of the most realistic drawing in the book, and it was sad to see someone's only friend get angry at him and insult Junior.

*The name of the high school escapes me right now!

Sean N.

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